Cool Names for Babies

Cool Names for Babies

The baby name guide that contains only good names, Cool Names is our answer to the question we're most frequently asked: What are the coolest names today? We list them all and put cool in a modern context, including:

  • Little Caesars: Led by celebrities (from Daniel Baldwin's Atticus to Julia Roberts's Phinnaeus), ancient Roman boys' names are hot, hot, hot
  • Scarlet Ladies: Sexy siren names, from Lola and Scarlett to biblical bad girls Salome and Delilah
  • Thunderbolts: Brisk and bold one-syllable boys' names like Colt and Cade.

Our most popular ebook, Cool Names appeals to hip, modern parents for whom style is the most important quality in a name.  Available in linked PDF and Kindle versions for download here.  An email with your exclusive link for download will be delivered shortly after your order is confirmed.

Outside the US?  Contact us at to order this or other e-books.

The Kindle version of Cool Names is also available on Amazon.  Prefer a good old-fashioned paper book?  You can order that on Amazon too.

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