Beyond Ava & Aiden

Beyond Ava & Aiden

Beyond Ava & Aiden is the all-new rendition of our original, million-selling baby name guide Beyond Jennifer & Jason

Divided into four sections, Style, Image, Sex, and Tradition, Beyond Ava & Aiden looks at names from a subjective viewpoint, grouping them into such categories as:

  • Names that are coming into style.
  • Names that sound smart.
  • Names that work for either gender.
  • Names that transcend their classic roots.

This up-to-the-minute edition of "the best baby-naming book ever written" will enlighten and inspire your own choice of the best possible name for your child.  Available in linked PDF and Kindle versions for download here.  An email with your exclusive link for download will be delivered shortly after your order is confirmed.

You can also order the Kindle version from Amazon of Beyond Ava & Aiden.  And you can get the good old-fashioned paper version of the book there too.

Outside the US?  Contact us at to order this or other e-books.

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